Ratliff performs '31 Depression Blues for Pine Mountain Sessions!

A double album featuring new recordings from some of Kentucky's finest musicians & writers that benefits Kentucky Natural Lands Trust & Pine Mountain Settlement School. All of these recordings are never-before-heard, and almost all of the songs & poems being presented here are previously unreleased. Order today at https://stores.portmerch.com/olkentuck/.

Pine Mountain Sessions

In a few recording sessions scattered over the autumn & winter & spring of 2017 & 2018, musicians and writers from all across Kentucky gathered on the slopes of Pine Mountain in Harlan County.  These four sides that follow the seasons were recorded in a near-century-old chapel with the aim of connecting us all to the important work of the Kentucky Natural Lands Trust and the Pine Mountain Settlement School.  Here are the artists & songs on the Double LP & CD:

SIDE A - Summer
Maiden Radio - Dawn Chorus
Carl Broemel - Moonbeam
George Ella Lyon - Meadow
The Other Years - Chapel on Pine Mountain
Marianne Worthington - Bounty
Nathan Salsburg - Ruby's Freilach / Low Spirits

SIDE B - Autumn
Wendell Berry - The Wild Geese
Brian Schreck - Abscission
Joe Manning with Glen Dentinger - Amigo
Mary Ann Taylor-Hall - Eternity
Daniel Martin Moore - Never Look Away
bell hooks & Rachel Grimes - Kentucky is my Fate

SIDE C - Winter
Warren Byrom - Black Mountain Dogs
Rebecca Gayle Howell - My Mother Told Us
Jim James - Walking in the Snow
Ansel Elkins - Hunter's Moon
The Savage Radley - Red Bird Morning
Teddy Abrams - Improv on Pine Mountain

Side D - Spring
Joan Shelley - Awake
Silas House - Easter 1954
Ben Sollee - Appalachian Chant #1
Ada Limón - On a Pink Moon
Catherine Irwin - Sugar Cubes & Glue
So It Was - One Foot at Once
Maurice Manning - Birds Arriving in Dim Light

And the digital version contains these additional artists & works:

Erik Reece - Dead Letter to Li Po
Bobbie Ann Mason - Pine Mountain
Katie Toupin - Lover Tonight
Mark Charles Heidinger - Status Quo
Brett Ratliff - '31 Depression Blues
Lydia Burrell - Hey Idiot
Lacey Guthrie & Drew English - Better Stairs
The Local Honeys - Cigarette Trees
Cheyenne Mize - Easier
Eric Scott Sutherland - Pine Mountain (A Work In Progress)
Maiden Radio - Far From the Ohio
Jason Howard - Headwaters
Jeremy Pinnell - It's OK Dear
The Ravenna Colt - Pine Mtn. Echo
Heather Summers - Red Tailed Hawk
Anna Krippenstaple - You Left Me (When I Left Kentucky)
Robert Gipe - Trampoline
Richard Taylor - Wild Turkeys
Lily Lyons - Ladybird

BONUS TRACKS only available when ordering directly from us:

Wendell Berry - The Peace of Wild Things
Ansel Elkins - Autobiography of Eve
Mary Ann Taylor-Hall - Pine Mountain
Rebecca Gayle Howell - How to Preserve
Marianne Worthington - Full Corn Moon
Richard Taylor - The Origins of Dust
Wendell Berry - Over the Edge

Album Credits:

Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by Daniel Martin Moore
Mastered by Mike Montgomery
Additional Recording by Ada Limón, Justin Golden, Brian Schreck, Keith Semmel, Jim James, and Steve Lyon
Layout by James Shambhu & Mathilde Berthe
Art Direction & Photos by DMM
Mountaintop Photo by Greg Abernathy
LP Center Labels by Zoé Strecker